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TMC believes in empowering its partners in a bid to ensure that we reward those who support our business. Through making business referrals to us, we give you the opportunity to develop your own business as well as create new income streams.


Advisory Services

In our unique model, developers who join the TMC Partners ensure that their business succeeds by structuring your construction finance for the projects you undertake. We consult to ensure that you have the most cost effective structure for your project and also collateral advice such as recommending tax advisory through our partner firms that could save you significant amounts of money and make the difference between running a thriving business and one that does not make great returns to share holders.

Commission on referred sales

We also give you the opportunity to get something back for each successful mortgage you refer through us. This means that you have the assurance that you have made a real sale firstly through the booking from an individual as well as the certainty that his or her mortgage is processed early on in the development.  This will give you the confidence that once your development is complete, the repayment of your development loan will be easy and all paper work is done. Please call us or fill the simple form to registration
Working with TMC will ensure that you do not have to spend your time dealing with all the different banks that your customers go to; we do the leg work for you and provide a one-stop-shop for all your needs. We also do free pre-appraisals for your customers to ensure that you are dealing with customers who qualify for mortgage financing from the onset.

Agents and Property Managers

Often customers come to you requesting for a recommendation on a good mortgage financier. However you may not have a good idea who will give the right mortgage for your customer’s needs, yet your sale depends on whether the customer gets the financing to enable them to purchase the house you are selling.
By joining our TMC partner’s club, you have the opportunity to recommend one independent financial advisor who will ensure that your customer gets the right mortgage from the right bank and increase your sales.
To make it worth your while, we shall reward your effort by giving you a commission for your successful referras and give you a reason to smile as you sell!


By becoming a free lance partner with TMC, you can supplement your business or employment income by simply referring your friends or customers to us. We shall give you a commission for every successful referral you make to reward you for your efforts.

How do I join the TMC Partners?

Joining the TMC partner’s club is simple!
1. Fill the simple form on our website or collect a form from our office.
2. Bring in your first referral and begin your journey to financial freedom.

Who qualifies to be a member?

Any person who is willing to make some good returns through referring customers and who is not stopped from accepting commissions by their current employment can qualify for the Club. TMC will not take the responsibility of ensuring that the partners qualify, but will treat each partner with discretion

How does TMC know who I have referred?

Each TMC partner will have a unique membership number which you give to the person you are referring to us.  This enables us to keep track of the business you bring.

How will I get my commission?

Commission will be paid once the customer’s loan is approved. We shall then inform you and you can collect your payment through the details you provided upon registration

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TRUE, If you lie - eg about a bad credit history - it will very probably be spotted by the mortgage lender and prevent your chances of a mortgage. Honesty is the least complicated and best policy.

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