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One of the beautiful things about investments in real estate is that they serve your now and provide you with an asset that will support your needs in the future. Once you have invested in a property and made significant payments into your mortgage, you can take advantage of the capital gains in your property to get financing to meet other needs!

Whether you want purchase another property

Invest in your business

Pay for college education

Or even go on holiday

TMC can help you get additional financing using your asset to serve these needs. Since the mortgage rates are predominantly lower than short term unsecured facilities, you can make savings on how much you need to pay the banks.


Are you stuck with a mortgage that is way too expensive? Have you made repayments on your loan for quite some time and need additional funding? Do you find yourself stuck with many loans that take up most of your salary? Then come to TMC. We can review your current loan structure and advise you on the best and most cost effective structure and financier for your needs. This will achieve your financial goals without having to strain your cash flows…

Sometimes what seemed like a great deal under a floating rate in the past has meant that you have had to face very high interest rate fluctuations in recent months leaving you wondering if you may be left homeless after investing in the home of your dreams. TMC will review your individual circumstances and where possible give you options that could give you comfort of fixed rate mortgages and certainty to enable you plan your life.

For free consultation on options available to you please email us or call us you may be surprised that you have the power to change your circumstances and TMC will make the process simple and straight forward leaving you to continue your life and work uninterrupted.

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Did you know

Save hard before you try to buy

What the experts say

TRUE, Lenders prefer borrowers with big deposits, offering them preferential rates of interest. So if you have at least 25 per cent of the purchase price to put down you will have access to the widest range of deals at the most competitive interest rates.

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