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The Mortgage Company, being the first independent mortgage brokerage firm in East Africa has found itself trying to find solutions for both the developers and mortgage buyers…scanning the market for any opportunities to get customers solutions that make financial sense. Although we have managed to get customers fantastic savings during this time, we are also challenged to find long term sustainable solutions.

Let us attempt to offer customers “first aid” as we search for longer term options that will guarantee customers a good night’s sleep
Firstly, it would be prudent to take a fixed rate mortgage at this time. This would ensure that you can plan your repayments over the long term and avoid the risks of market fluctuations. Although these are few and far between, we can help you find a suitable financier to avail the facility.

Secondly, we can review your current mortgage and assess refinancing options that are open to you. You may be surprised that you can restructure your current facility to make it more tenable especially during these uncertain times.

Thirdly, it would help to look at your entire borrowings and see whether you do need to pay off the more expensive debts or consolidate the same. Our mortgage experts at TMC can help you review your current circumstances and recommend the best way to restructure your facilities to optimize the repayments.

For developers it would be important to review your development objectives to see how best to structure your development whether to phase it, structure the financing differently or get an equity partner instead of debt. It will be crucial to ensure that you have a clear take out of your units by getting a strong partner to work with you on end user financing. TMC has solutions for both and will on a best effort basis assist you think through the best structure for your development finance and ensure that you have a clear take out from the onset.

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Is research necessary before making a Mortgage application?

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Reading up on key mortgage terms might not sound like much fun but you're unlikely to get the best if you don't know the difference between a fixed rate mortgage and a tracker. If you're a first-time buyer, you might want to get informal advice from friends and family who have bought their own homes.

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